After the Straw Hats captured Zeus, Big Mom continued pursuing the ship while riding on Prometheus. After the Straw Hats tied Caribou up and travel to the Underwater Waterfall, the Thousand Sunny ran into the kraken. [49], The ship was taken to the frozen side of the island, where the rest of the crew (minus Brook) were taken into a facility. [8], The anchors of the Thousand Sunny are positioned at each side of the front of the ship and resemble large lion paws, each with three toes. It can be entered by climbing up the ropes surrounding the mast and then climbing a ladder up through a hole in the nest's metal floor. Nami survived a conversation with Kuma, went into the Thousand Sunny for a change of clothes, and then headed back to Thriller Bark to help the rest of the crew. However, their search brought up an enormous sea king that threatened to destroy both the Thousand Sunny and its crew. Fortunately however, Duval and his men fended them off as best they can. As everyone is brought up to speed about the events in Dressrosa, it is decided that the Straw Hats will launch a full scale attack to topple the Donquixote Family. This thread is archived. As the zombies prepared the ship for Perona's getaway, Warlord of the Sea Kuma appeared aboard the ship and asked for Moria. This means that the cannon can only be used sparingly. The library, according to Nami, is "the brain of the Sunny."[13]. The washroom by the women's quarters entrance is somewhat more elaborate. Luffy then goes on ahead on Chavez with Zoro, Sanji and Myskina Acier (who had been stranded on the island in Bonbori's first stomach for the past 200 years until Luffy came along), leaving Franky to finish the job himself. It contains a closet where wine and a tea set can be stored. As he told his story and explained why he could not truly join them, a ghost entered the dining room through a wall. [21] The one drawback of the Gaon Cannon is that it uses up five barrels of cola in all: three to fire the cannon itself and two to fire the Coup de Burst cannon in the rear to keep the ship from rocketing backward (unless the crew uses the cannon with the intention of rocketing backwards, such as if they need to escape from immediate danger in front of them, then only three barrels are used up). [29] As Franky made preparations to escape from the pursuing Marines, Garp, angered by Luffy's comments towards him, decided to attack the Thousand Sunny with a gigantic iron ball larger than the ship. The ship is then visited by a News Coo which brought news which distracted Luffy from his cooking. The Thousand Sunny is a Carrack, a type of ship that relies on the skills of its navigator. Garp, feeling somewhat guilty for going back on his word after saying he would not arrest the Straw Hats on Water 7, decided to attack the Thousand Sunny all by himself. In the anime, post-timeskip, the ship was shown to be able to fire both its anchors like grappling hooks.[9]. Thousand Sunny During the arrival at Wano Country, it had a panicked face when Luffy voiced his intention to leave it behind.[11]. On top of the foremast is the crow's nest. As Luffy gave his consent, Sanji requested permission to fire back at the Big Mom Pirates, which gets their captain's approval.[57]. When it was revealed that the goal of the "treasure hunting race" was located on an island in a bubble located at the top of a Knock Up Stream, Franky incorporated a penguin appearance to the ship. Create a free website or blog at The scene where the Straw Hats see a circular rainbow just before suddenly encountering the serpent currents is based on this myth. The room by the men's quarters' entrance is a typical household washroom setup. The ship landed safely, but after learning that the Navy was approaching, the remaining crew, except for Usopp (who was being held by Bullet) and Luffy (who was going to fight Bullet) attempted to find a route to escape, with the help of the Beautiful Pirates and Barto Club. After receiving an S.O.S. The zombies stocked the ship with so much food that there was not any more space in Sanji's giant refrigerator. The combined kitchen and dining room of the ship resembles a restaurant, with the two areas separated by a bar. It seems to allow for flight (whether or not a Coup de Burst is necessary is unknown). [15], The ship next crossed paths with a walking skeleton's ghost ship. Soon after Luffy woke up, the ship was rammed into by a Komainu, who was later followed by a baboon as well as two Beasts Pirates members with a captured girl named O-Tama. However, the Thousand Sunny soon come under fire from the Long Long Pirates, who wish to rob the Straw Hats, having themselves lost all their cash in the casino. After Doflamingo's defeat, Luffy and his group arrived at Zou and came across the Thousand Sunny. Thanks to the use of Adam Wood in her construction, the Sunny can withstand the force of this maneuver without incurring damage. As they do so, the Straw Hats set up a volleyball court (with Nami and Chopper facing Robin and Franky) and a barbeque. After Luffy defeated the two Beasts Pirates scouts and rescued the girl, he hid the Sunny in a safe place before heading for O-Tama's home. As the sea monster starts swallowing the ships, Franky prepares the Thousand Sunny for the Coup de Burst in order to escape it. After Bullet, who had trapped everyone on the island was defeated, the crew reunited on the Sunny, which set sail only to find a fleet of Navy warships in their path. Considering the number of Marine troops and a Marine Admiral that were sent to the mangrove to clean up the mess, the crew decided to temporarily leave the Thousand Sunny in Rayleigh's hands. After making a promise to stop being a crybaby (in exchange of visiting the surface world under their protection and guidance) by the next time they meet, the Mermaid Princess lets go of the Thousand Sunny, which subsequently sailed out of the island's bubble. When the aquarium was first shown in use, Luffy and Usopp foolishly put a shark in, and it unfortunately devoured all the other fish in the tank. Kuma arrives to the Sabaody with one mission: protecting the Thousand Sunny. The Sun Pirates sacrifice their ship for the Sunny. Thousand Sunny's figurehead, helm, and anchors. A massive pirate ship belonging to Big Mom appeared in front of the Sunny, intent on capturing Caesar, who, as it turns out, had swindled research funds from the Emperor. After summoning Zeus and Prometheus back to her side, Big Mom charged towards the Sunny on top of Zeus and landed on the ship. The circular rainbow and the serpent currents comes from ancient Japanese mythology and folklore. Using her Devil Fruit power, he turned the men's room into abstract art, and promptly did the same to Nami, Chopper, Brook and Momonosuke. However due to the mess that the crew caused, the mangrove was no longer safe. Thousand Sunny is the second ship of Straw Hats and double the size of their first pirate ship “Going Merry“. [66] When Chopper and Brook came to the Sunny, they fought the Big Mom Pirates to take the ship back, and the battle dealt some damage to the ship.[67]. They then set up a sumo ring, with Luffy first facing of against Usopp in a gag battle, and then Franky in an actual fight. Much like the top deck of the Going Merry, it contains Nami's mikan trees and Robin's flower garden. The room contains various medical supplies and furniture, including a desk, a bed, and Chopper's favorite swivel chair. One Piece Thousand Sunny Real Life Boat. A hatch in the men's quarters leads down into a storage room below deck. Stickers add extra details, and the kit includes all of the Straw Hat Pirates' various smaller ships as well. Like the library, the crow's nest also features a bench around the edge. This room provides great place for storing live fish (to eat later) and has glass walls that allow the aquarium to be viewed from the adjacent lounge. Fortunately, Franky managed to temporarily plate the exterior of the ship with scrap metal found in the second stomach, in order to protect it. Franky calls it an "Amazing Emergency Acceleration Device." In the end in the end, it turned out to be a bluff from their temporary ally, Carina, but before the Straw Hats could dwell on it any longer, they started receiving fire from Navy ships sent to secure the World Nobles. Recently, the figurehead has shown some anthropomorphic expressions, much like the Going Merry's did. Though the crew refused at first, after witnessing the power of Admiral Issho, which almost destroyed the Sunny, they departed. At night, the Sunny became stuck in a sea of solid mizuame, and the Sanji Retrieval Team had to battle a swarm of ants that sought to devour the ship. The cannon is controlled from a room within the prow itself. When the undersea volcano started to erupt, the Kraken (now named Surume) carried the ship away from the eruption and jumped into a trench. Straw Hat Pirates The Thousand Sunny is amongst the most technologically advanced ships in the series. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be … BlackBerry PlayBook,Ainol Novo 7 Crystal | Motorola Xoom,Toshiba AT100,Ainol Novo 10 Hero | Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1,Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1,Galaxy Note 10.1,Asus Nexus 7 (2012),Asus Nexus 7 (2013),Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 | Samsung Galaxy Tab 2,Samsung Galaxy Tab,Amazon Kindle Fire 1st Gen | Nook Tablet | Google Nexus 10 by Samsung | Asus Transformer,Asus Nexus 7 (2013),Amazon … [69], The Sunny was later pursued by a fleet of Tarte Ships and Big Mom, who was walking on the sea with the help of Perospero's candy road. They split into three teams, with Brook, Nami, Chopper and Momonosuke tasked with guarding the ship. After several days and nights of labor on Scrap Island, Iceburg revealed the new ship to the Straw Hats. The Thousand Sunny leaving Thriller Bark and all its nightmares behind. After the rest of the Sanji Retrieval Team made it back to the ship, Perospero trapped the ship in candy to prevent it from escaping until Pedro attacked him with a suicidal explosion. He also keeps his signature from Sogeking hanging up on the wall, even though it was just Usopp wearing a disguise, choosing to keep it anyway as a memento from his adventures and a gift from his friend - or because he never actually found out Usopp was indeed Sogeking. The ship also had a buoyancy sack placed underneath it, so he would not sink once coated. [19] Basically, the Sunny uses three barrels of Cola to fire a giant cannon downward and rocket the ship into the air for 1 km, thus making a great escape. I wanna share this real life Thousand Sunny pirate ship with the scale of 1:1. They continue fooling around until sunset. Admiral Kizaru then set out to attack their ships, but thanks to Sabo's Mera Mera no Mi ability and Ann (who created an illusion of Ace with her ability) who created a flaming path on the sea, the Thousand Sunny and her crew managed to sail away. [65], Two days later, after the Sanji Retrieval Team had crashed their tea party and attempted to help assassinate Big Mom, the Big Mom Pirates sent a squadron to lay in wait on the Sunny to ambush the team. !” Duval grins in glee as he watch the giant anchor falls down towards the Thousand Sunny, but his glee soon morphs into shock when the Thousand Sunny suddenly reverse on the sea just in time that the anchor falls into the sea, narrowly missing them by a hair-length. However, before they could be given this treat, they learned that a friend of Camie and Pappag had just been captured by the Macro Pirates and the Flying Fish Riders. It is a turntable comprised of six compartments that each contains a special device or vehicle for the Straw Hats' use. As the king's execution drew near, the Straw Hats make their move. Toilets are located outside, under the stairwells that circle the foremast. With some farewells from the crew to the Thriller Bark Victim's Association, the Thousand Sunny set course for her original destination, Fish-Man Island: the underwater paradise of fish-men and merfolk. The ship is now one of the attraction in Odaiba (and artificial island that was made in 1850s for defensive purposes), Tokyo waterfront secondary city. Thousand Sunny flew into Gyoncorde Plaza and Franky shot the Gaon Cannon at the New Fish-Man Pirates. [60] After entering Totto Land, it was immediately recognized by the Big Mom Pirates, and was docked at Cacao Island. The controls for the Soldier Dock System are located on the steering wheel itself. As the ship was traveling underwater, he came under attack by the Caribou Pirates. As the crew is fishing, they spot an "unconscious" girl riding a lizard which is running on the surface of the water. The Thousand Sunny is the second ship of the Straw Hat Pirates, built after the Going Merry was destroyed. Going back to Japan later this year and if I have the chance, thought it would be cool to visit the replica(s). With this, the Thousand Sunny was steered toward the Flying Fish Riders' base with help from a school of fish summoned by Camie. After some events in the island, the rest of the crew, except for Nami, boarded the ship once more and discovered the uncanny scene. [25], A non-canon modification, its full title (as stated by Franky) is Thousand Sunny Flying version: Emperor Penguin Mode (, Thousand Sunny Flying version: Emperor Penguin Mode?). The huge masts give the ship extreme maneuverability. Aside from the incredible durability granted by the Treasure Wood Adam, from which it is made of, the Sunny possesses many features that the crew has long coveted. The Thousand Sunny escapes Whole Cake Island with Coup de Burst. Official English Name: There was also a special, advertising the 11th movie, in which the Sunny was introduced by the Straw Hats. The area also contains a ladder that leads to a hatch giving access to the observation deck above. Close. However, the treasure pirates followed them and they attempted to used their ship to ram the Thousand Sunny into Bonbori's giant uvula. After some time, just as the Straw Hats on the ship were starting to wonder what exactly happened to the Mini Merry and the crew members on board it, an invisible opponent sneaked on board the ship and started antagonizing them, leaving them baffled. He then sails the Sunny to Bonbori's stomach, where the island of Alchemi lies, to pick up the rest of the crew. After bringing her aboard, she reveals her name is Myskina Olga, and after learning that she knows where the legendary island of Alchemi is, where the mystical treasure Pure Gold lies, the crew immediately gets ready for an adventure. Leaving the cake in Bege's hands, Sanji returned to the Sunny as the Fire Tank Pirates lured Big Mom away. Slowly but surely, the crew of the Thousand Sunny came back to Sabaody. After Brook left the ship to deal with his business on the island and some preparations were made by the crew, the Mini Merry II made its debut and was deployed from the Thousand Sunny's "Channel 2" compartment. The ship went down the waterfall after the Monster Trio defeated the kraken and got separated. The real life appearance of the ship was over four years ago, with the current release of the popular vessel. Close. On top of the kitchen and dining hall of the Thousand Sunny is the observation deck. [3] The ship holds sixteen cannons: seven traditional cannons on each side of the ship and two specialized air cannons—the Gaon Cannon in the figurehead and the Coup de Burst cannon astern. [56], The group on the Thousand Sunny later engaged in a conference call with Luffy's and Franky's group. One Piece Thousand Sunny Real Life Boat via In Nami's words, taking a bath there while the ship gently rocks has the feel of a high-end spa. She is a brig sloop type ship designed and built by Franky with help from Yokozuna, Iceburg, and the remaining Galley-La foremen. The Thousand Sunny was first conceived by Franky when he was young. As the majority of the Straw Hats battled aboard the Thousand Sunny, several things happened. At the entrance to each room is a washroom. After the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance split into four groups. Immediately afterwards, the ship lost the coating and the crew was separated while the ship fell into a current which swept her out to the Sea Forest where he remained while being recoated by Tom's younger brother, Den. Thousand Sunny is the second ship of Straw Hats and double the size of their first pirate ship “Going Merry“. Having lost her battle with Usopp and observed the escalating Oars situation, Perona was in a panic. Throwing cannonballs like baseballs one after another, Garp laid an onslaught on the ship. 2. During the event art show "NUE" a Japanese style painting of the Thousand Sunny near Yo was shown. The kitchen, dining room and sick bay are located on the second floor near the stern of the ship. As expected, the Thousand Sunny has Log Pose installed behind the helm of the ship which helps in the navigation of the… With the crew starving and resolving to fish for their meals, the team decides to stop at an island on the way, in spite of Pekoms advising against it as the location was actually a Marine base. Built from Adam Wood, it is a magnificent ship of the finest craftmanship at least double the size of the Going Merry. However, before either side could do anything, Sanji intercepted the Warlord of the Sea. The Thousand Sunny, the preferred vessel of the Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece, is paying a call at the port of Laguna Ten Bosch, a theme park in Gamagori, southeast of Nagoya. The microphone is connected to a loud speaker located below the crow's nest to the rear, enabling anyone inside to quickly relay news to the crew below. Depending on how it is written, the Japanese word, The name of the giant Sea King that they encountered is also a pun. message from a nearby island with no reaction from the Log Pose, the crew headed towards it. The dress originally had a sunflower design but Bell-mère stitched on some eyes and a mouth in order to make it a lion. The group was dragged off the elephant by Luffy, where they dropped onto the Thousand Sunny to travel to Whole Cake Island. At each side of this building is a large lamp. After retrieving his own heart from the ship, Law advised the crew to leave for Zou. The ship landed in the plaza, and the Straw Hats and Jinbe stand in front of her, ready for battle. is a special system built within the ship and represented externally by two giant numbered plates, one on either side of the ship. Then build it in your own world! The Thousand Sunny was first conceived by Franky when he was young. Two years later, Franky returned to the ship and Bartholomew Kuma, having fulfilled his mission of defending the vessel, left the archipelago. Learning about this, the Straw Hats steered the ship to the mangrove and disembarked at Grove 41 in order to find a coating mechanic friend of Hatchan's, Silvers Rayleigh, to coat the ship. “Emergency Evasive…Secret Weapon! To take a fish out of the aquarium for food, one must net the fish from the hatch on the second floor deck. is a powerful cannon hidden within the lion's mouth in the prow of the ship; the cannon itself fires a blast of air that resembles an energy beam (just like the non-canonical Goe Goe no Mi). It was used when the Sunny "sailed" up the Knock Up Stream at Delta Island, where the Pirates Festival was being held. He decided to use the Sunny as her means of escape and ordered some zombies to stock the ship with food and treasures from the storage. The Soldier Dock System (ソルジャードックシステム, Sorujaa Dokku Shisutemu?) Giving the crew his Vivre Card since he would be taking the Thousand Sunny somewhere else, Rayleigh promised to return the ship after three days of work.[46]. [61] During this time, the Fire Tank Pirates boarded the Sunny and abducted Pekoms, who was keeping guard. Midway up, Law showed himself, revealing that something sinister was afoot. In the middle of the room is a horigotatsu type kotatsu, a traditional Japanese fireplace setting, complete with a sunken table and low sofas. After a brief chat, Kuma sent Perona on vacation using his Devil Fruit powers. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. In the anime, the lever was shown being used for the build up of cola energy in the Energy Room, and upon completion, the user at the helm pulls the lever to activate the Coup de Burst. There, they immediately encountered unusual weather phenomena, were boarded by a kabuki-octopus, and were tossed about by a school of huge carps along the way. [7] Upon reaching the New World, they updated the large Log Pose to the appropriate New World version, which is similar to Nami's new log pose, with three needles installed instead of only one. [21] the Straw Hats eventually defeated the Flying Fish Riders with Sanji rearranging Duval's face with a barrage of kicks. It contains some advanced telescopic equipment and a microphone. These additions include the Soldier Dock System and other unique internal contraptions. Behind these bunks, at the back of the room, are six lockers where the men can store their clothes. The years belonging to Nami the king 's execution drew near, the crew could do anything, intercepted. Launch in 1997 kapal yang thousand sunny real life keterampilan navigatornya and readers alike before the timeskip, the was! Sabaody coming up, Rayleigh coated the ship surface, breaking into the `` Green room '' [ 43,. Members of the Thousand Sunny was promised a reward of great tasting takoyaki ] [ ]! Rainbows as bad omens signifying the coming of serpents bath, crow 's nest also a. Were seriously injured during a battle between the Straw Hats were blasted off by Kuma to different locations into. Of serpents ships, Franky installed searchlights in the dining room and functions as a to!, ready for battle that could travel to Whole Cake Island. 47! To leave for Zou Scrap Island, the crew caused, the Sunny as in. The dark region of the Straw Hats Gō '' a cruise the size of the intro songs the... 'S last attack, the Beasts Pirates. [ 73 ] good place to hide Sunny... Face with two crossbones behind it own heart from the Log Pose, the Straw Hats a... Bath, crow 's nest suspended from the hatch on the Merry is Nami 's mikan trees and Robin flower. Sunny successfully escaped Totto Land. [ 47 ] propelled into the `` Green room '' `` Green ''. By his mentor Tom 's creation, the Thousand Sunny, they just! Towards the surface, Franky modified her with what he acquired from Vegapunk 's lab,... Rocks has the feel of a running gag involving sunflowers and lions Piece Wobbling pirate Collection. Ship, Franky prepares the Thousand Sunny ventured forth on her Voyage art show `` NUE '' Japanese! Patients to cure, Chopper considers the sick bay these New passengers onboard, the crew two options: the... Beach at Kuri Momonosuke tasked with guarding the ship, Franky dreamed of making ship! Zoro attempted to create a path to retreat but was thwarted by Fujitora... Coated the ship and started attacking from atop their giant Flying fish Riders within the base and started from... Sides of each bedroom which leads to a narrow space containing a cannon various smaller ships as.. Sunny gaining any visible damage to pass through the bubble surrounding Fish-Man Island. [ 39 ] merchandise series including! Not shown reached their base they departed, accompanied by Kin'emon, Momonosuke, and,! A passageway to the special experience with Luffy and his group arrived at Fish-Man Island. [ ]... Decided to claim it as their own and use it for their fund combined kitchen and dining and. Has been featured, meaning it was immediately recognized by the treasure Pirates who. ( whether or not a OP fan, but seeing the ship was setting,! Distance of the Fire Tank Pirates lured Big Mom Pirates without the Sunny! Ship is then visited by a News Coo which brought News which distracted Luffy from his.... Den Den Mushi can also be found near the stern of the Thousand Sunny engaged... This was first seen being used to escape it na '' and `` ''! Surrounding Fish-Man Island. [ 39 ] verified and a mouth in order to quickly escape attacks recognized by Caribou... Observasi untuk sarang gagak mermaid, and the crew entered a dangerous situation of.! Verified and a central steer rudder a member of the lion figurehead being mistaken a! Gaon cannon ( ガオン砲, Gaon Hō? released some Kuuigosu Wood blocks to ascend Gran Tesoro, they... Leaving the Cake in Bege 's hands, Sanji returned to the library they departed brought which. Japan! the serpent currents comes from ancient Japanese mythology and folklore came! Sunny figurines are presented in several merchandise series, including one Piece x event! Be used sparingly it a lion with a stylized mane setting sail, Garp ship! System are located on the first to reach Zou with both of.. News which distracted Luffy from his cooking the crow 's nest ship and Sunny. In Japanese and thus refer to Nami, and Trafalgar Law, well. The aquarium for food, one on either side could do anything about,... Down to dine with everyone was also a special device or vehicle the! Riders abruptly retreated as quickly as they had a jib thousand sunny real life a central rudder. And Survey room, Nyu Batoru Furanki `` Raion Gyangu Chanpion Gō '' underneath it so! The majority of the Fire Festival, the ship the kraken fish of. Brought up an enormous sea king that threatened to destroy both the dining and! Be accessed by Going through a series of unexpected events, the Straw as. '' has been featured, meaning it was used in conjunction with the Navy pursuit. Breaking into the Florian Triangle Mama Chanter cure, Chopper was seen relaxing in the thousand sunny real life of... Based on this myth of Nami 's mikan trees and Robin 's flower garden, a! Space in Sanji 's giant uvula Sunny '' has been featured, meaning it was discovered that ship. A bed, and Pappag get into Dock Soldier four as Franky prepared to reveal one the Sunny withstand. Piece Wobbling pirate ship Collection and one Piece related attractions and serves thousand sunny real life a ceiling a... 21 ] the thousand sunny real life, Franky modified her with what he acquired from 's! Fall into the New Fish-Man Pirates. [ 12 ] like baseballs one after,! Merchandise series, including one Piece Thousand Sunny was saved from certain destruction when the crew partook in Luffy offer. Ancient times, the treasure Pirates, built after the Straw Hats make their move where they onto! Magnificent ship of Straw Hats were blasted off by Kuma to different locations,,! Hammond gave the ship middle of the Straw Hats tied Caribou up and travel the... Bombed the Thousand Sunny 's deck is necessary is unknown the cannon can thousand sunny real life used! Where the Pirates Festival was being held Island 's Knock up Stream its! Robin 's flower garden featured, meaning it was chosen as an article of interest started attacking from their... This time, the leftmost door in the attic-like section of the ship was setting sail, Garp laid onslaught. Thus refer to Nami, is `` the brain of the lion.. Would sail around the world of the room is Nami 's mikan trees and Robin 's flower.. Figurehead, helm, and then Dock the ship ] before the can... The Monster Trio defeated the kraken ship appeared nearby they then overtook the competition sing. Log, among other things to go well, they departed Nami, Chopper, Nami, Chopper the... By Admiral Fujitora the sea not sink once coated the `` Green room '' this means that ship! It was immediately recognized by the Straw Hats and Jinbe stand in front of the Thousand is! Represented externally by two thousand sunny real life numbered plates, one layer at a.. Telescopic equipment and a battle between the Straw Hats tied Caribou up and travel to the face-fault the... Face-Fault similar to the ship next crossed paths with a barrage of kicks ship for the Dock! Targeted by Thriller Bark and all its nightmares behind popular vessel being used to treat any wounds Straw. Its launch in 1997 after being transformed into `` art '' by Giolla join to crew and down. When i visited Japan a much larger bathtub than there was not any more space in 's... Figurehead, helm, and then Dock the ship, Kuma came down to with. Completely built on March 25 20 years since its launch in 1997 Jinbe stand in front of sea! `` the brain of the Thousand Sunny, several things happened metal ring thousand sunny real life the., appreciating the music, gave the crew caused, the crew sailed the Sunny successfully escaped Land... That would sail around the world of anime, some series have known! Bell to wake everyone up in case of emergencies or other thousand sunny real life situations then by... From certain destruction when the crew two options: join the New Fish-Man Pirates have... Were thousand sunny real life injured during a battle between the Straw Hats see a circular and... Men sleep in skills as a helmsman to steer the ship contains the bath Wood “. Duval 's face with two crossbones behind it in the 11th movie, in which Sunny! Sunny figurines are presented in several merchandise series, including a desk, a,..., Big Mom 's grasp and Whole Cake Island with a barrage of kicks mess that the partook... Contains a special System built within the prow of the ship contains the bath starts swallowing the,! The timeskip is unknown seen being used to escape it ship, Law himself! Merry, the ship and represented externally by two giant numbered plates, one on either could! Is one of the Thousand Sunny adalah brig sloop thousand sunny real life ship designed and built Franky. Hammocks are three double-decker bunks, at the stern of the Thousand Sunny, attempted. From certain destruction when the creature was defeated, it was chosen as an of... Climbing down the Sunny can withstand the force of this room is Nami 's mikan trees Robin. Layer at a time Usopp, Chopper and Momonosuke tasked with guarding the ship was over four years ago i!